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UPITec Software Ltd is a certified developer of retail solutions based on the platform of the recognized world leader of ERP solutions - SAP Business One.

Due to the wide range of processes which are responsible for the movement and control of goods between the manufacturers, suppliers, Points of Sale and final consumer which demand constant monitoring and fixation, retail is considered one of the most complicated spheres of market relations. These processes occur on the background of actively developing technologies of attracting customers and the increase of their interest in the product. In order not to fall behind in the competition, the managers of retail chains take measures and develop tactics of management of all the mentioned processes  in the most effective way. It is realized successfully due to the introduction of software  products on the operative processing of large amounts of information.

Originally each direction was controlled with the help of a specialized solution and hence it was rather difficult to group and then handle the data for reports and analysis. Additional financial and human resources were wasted. On the background of the events happening in retail in 2005, UPITec Software Ltd. was founded by a group of people, who had been working for many years as project managers and programmers developing pieces of software for Points of Sale in the shops. Clear awareness of retail market problems gave the opportunity to develop a software for retail which will be an essential part of the company's ERP system. SAP Business One is an ERP system chosen as the basis of the project, turned out to be the most perspective. This choice turned out to be very successful as SAP Business One today is the most advanced platform in respect of technological opportunities, products quality and  variety of solutions it provides.Thus, our customers got one unified system which includes all the necessary solutions for the management of retail enterprise. The system has a unified database that allows use of all the information broad wise and the business processes, built in it, are reliable and effective. There are no more problems with the integration, interfaces and necessity of data collection from different systems.

UPITec Software 

UPITec Software Ltd. is the leading certified developer of retail solutions based on SAP Business One

Our Advantages

  • Many years of successful experience in the development of UPITec  software for retail which is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One.
  • UPITec Software Ltd. is a certified business-partner of SAP Business One, certified  to develop applications on the platform of SAP Business One for retail and wholesale companies.
  • UPITec Software Ltd. provides full implementation of SAP Business One ERP system and step by step technical support of our customers.
  • UPITec software Ltd. provides an individual approach to each customer that helps construct further partnership on principles of understanding, trust and professionalism.
  • A highly qualified and competent staff of employees, who are the face of the company,  meet all the highest professional requirements.
  • Customer support and service on all stages of the implementation and service of the product, expanded affiliate program with the representations in the majority of countries of Europe and CIS.
  • A wide range of industrial software automation of retail business-processes, supported by UPITec Software Ltd., gives our customers the opportunity to enrich their assortment and expand their business successfully.
10 years on the market
340+ satisfied customers
1 000+connected stores
1 000 000+ transactions daily

Company Vision

The main priority of UPITec Software Ltd. is continuous development, constant improvement and perfection of the quality of our software products, long-term relationships with our customers, which are based on trust and professionalism.The expansion of the partner network gives our customers the opportunity, wherever they are, to get timely quality service and professional consultations on emerging questions.

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