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UPITec Optics solution ideally expands SAP Business One capabilities to a full retail solution for the automation of retail processes in optics stores.

  • Prompt and quality customer service due to an easy access to the information about an item and an intuitive Point of Sale interface.
  • Customer service:  management of customer information with storage of all personal information, medical history, prescriptions, customer's purchases  and discounts.
  • Display and editing of customer's information on the Point of Sale and from optometrist's Sap Business One terminal.
  • Advanced module of creation and control of loyalty programs, goods promotion  and personalized discount and bonus programs.
  • Processing and storage of medical information, in particular, results of eye sitght tests and contact lens prescriptions.
  • Increase in employees' productivity due to the creation and control over the targets of sales module. Automated calculation of salesmen commission.
  • Receive and manage prepayments for glasses and contact lens orders.
  • Generation and printing special barcodes for glasses.
  • Integration with the on-line shop.
  • Possibility of quick selection of glasses, creation of contact lens prescriptions and making orders for production and sale.
  • Control over store storage, receipt and delivery of products with an automatic generation of reports on all store transactions on the POS interface.
  • Possibility to choose the supplier according to set criteria, control of the document flow while receiving and sending the product; serial and batch number accounting.
  • Stock level monitoring of goods in warehouses and store chains in real time, forecasting of sales, management of seasonal demand and other factors.
  • Retail reports of stocks, payments, employees, sales, special offers and customer clubs with the possibility of reporting according to different sections of data and automated sending of report information by email.
  • Printing of price tags and labels, support of fiscal registrars of different models.


UPITec Optics
a universal solution developed by UPITec Software Ltd. for optics to fully automate all processes within optics store chains or individual stores

UPITec Software is the leading developer of retail solutions based on SAP Business One.

  • Many years of successful experience in the development of UPItec software for retail which is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One.

  • UPITec Software Ltd. is a certified business-partner of SAP Business One, certified  to develop applications on the platform of SAP Business One for retail and wholesale companies.
  • UPITec Software Ltd. provides full implementation of SAP Businerss One ERP system and step by step technical support of our customers.
  • UPITec Software Ltd.provides an individual approach to each customer that helps construct further partnership on principles of understanding, trust and professionalism.
  • A highly qualified and competent staff of employees, who are the face of the company,  meet all the highest professional requirements.
  • Customer support and service on all stages of the implementation.
  • A wide range of industrial software automation of retail business-processes, supported by UPITec Software Ltd., gives customers the opportunity to enrich their assortment and expand their business successfully.


The Point of Sale software has an intuitive interface and a well-thought functional of management of all movements of goods, easy  interaction with customers and suppliers, with the possibility of viewing all the necessary report information.
Point of Sale is fully synchronized with the head office but still keeps working in an off-line mode.

UPITec Management module functional extends the capabilities of SAP Business One  to a full retail solution, allowing to successfully manage accounting, purchasing, inventory, sales, special offers system / discounts, supply chains, interconnection with customers, finances (calculations with debtors and creditors, fixed assets accounting, cash management, financial planning and other activities.), to analyze the work of employees, stores, warehouses, reporting on all movements occurring in the system.
UPITec Management module is fully integrated with SAP Business ONE interface, adding a solution to the complete automation product of all retail processes of the company.

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Supermarket / Department store

The diversity of the developed and supported software covers the whole range of retail areas.

Complete synchronization of all Points of Sale in every activity on stocks, procurement division, marketing and accounting.

Processing and management of purchase orders and warehouse transfer requests directly from the Point of Sale.

Implementation of the system increases work productivity and customer service quality, reduces expenses on personnel and fixed costs, considerably increasing the chances of successful development in the competitive trading environment.

Monitoring and control of work with a wide range of goods and large numbers of inventory.

Supply control, serial and batch number management and purchase analysis.

Wide range and highly adjustable module for creating targeted promotions and customer loyalty programs. 

Apparel, footwear, accessories

Inventory matrix from up to three levels for each combination of properties: color/size, color/material, color/brand etc. allows for effective operation of inventory accounting.

Thorough automated processing of large arrays of information allows making quick strategic decisions.

Constant access to information and tools for all departments within the organization increases the efficiency of the staff and the store as a whole.

Control, management and processing of purchase orders and warehouse transfer requests directly from Point of Sale.

Advanced tools for the promotion of goods according to different characteristics and criteria.

UPITec Baby

Inventory matrix from up to three levels for each combination of properties: color/size, color/material, color/brand etc. allows for effective operation of inventory accounting.

Work with  baby goods rentals, tracking of the lease term for further payment.

Preliminary order creation with step-by-step payment  and delivery after the birth of a baby.

Support of special demands on the delivery and installment of goods.

Hierarchy of items and dynamically adjustable characteristics: department, age, gender etc.



Use of Inventory matrix from up to three levels for improving sales management, stock accounting and  purchasing process.

Various instruments for market promotion of goods according to different characteristics and criteria.

Goods accounting by serial number.

Supply control, serial and batch number management.

Wide range and highly adjustable module for creating promotions and customer loyalty programs.

Work with sportswear rentals, tracking of the lease term  for further payment.

Book stores

Support of bookstore special items characteristics, such as ISBN, author, publishing etc.

Effective use of the  expensive selling area of the shop due to the decreasing of the quantity of "illiquid" trading stock by optimization of the purchasing process.

Monitoring and control of work with a wide assortment and large quantities of goods

Built-in functional module for the management of purchasing, warehousing and accounting.

Generate lots of promos and programs of loyalty for effective marketing and goods promotion.


Building and materials

Tracking and control of work with a big amount of goods with various packaging.

Complete synchronization of all Points of Sale in every activity on  stocks, procurement division, marketing and accounting.

Support of aproduct rental activity, control of the rental period and  calculation of the final cost.

Inventory accounting by serial numbers.

Program support of customer service, check of all necessary documentation.

Support of promos and programs of loyalty for effective marketing and goods promotion.


Tracking of seats and preliminary orders.

Automatic distribution of the order to the bar and the kitchen.

Quick registration of an order on the Point of Sale that improves the quality of the service.

Support of marketing activities, programs of loyalty, different systems of discounts for new and regular customers.

Support of stock and logistics accounting, automation of stock operations -  income and expenditure of goods, inventory.


 Providing information about  product availability in any unit of a drugstore chain in real time, cooperation of the automated control system with the external reference system.

Improvement of competitiveness, increase in commodity turnover, reduction of expenses, rise in earnings and profit against the background of the active development of the industry due to the implementation  of automation and control systems.

Operative accounting and management of a wide assortment, automated recommendations for the choice of the most beneficial supplier.

Analysis of product distribution and generation of analytic reports on different groups of items, registration and accounting of sales, logistics, batch and serial number  accounting.

Support of discount and loyalty programs for different groups of customers.

Support of the possibility to manage location in warehouses.

Effective management of the given POS as well as the network of pharmacies due to the flexible, multifunctional environment.

Possibility of  prescription service and program control while preparing drugs in a pharmacy.


Generation and storage of  clients' medical cards with their whole clinical record, in particular, the results of eye sight tests and a subscription for contact lenses.

Support of customer prescription service and software management of glasses assembling process.

Maintenance of a customer private card which contains the whole information about all his purchases, discounts and prices on goods.

Possibility to deal with a preliminary order including a prepayment from a customer.

Support of different forms of profile labels and stickers for barcodes.

Electronics and home appliances

Possibility of assembly processes, search of alternative goods, creation of an order for production department.

Customer service support.

Optimal management of commodity turnover which protects from decreasing profitability, characteristic of electronics market.

Possibility to integrate management business processes of clients' orders , logistics and stocks, to make a clear and effective supply chain.

Inventory accounting by serial numbers.