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SAP Business One based UPITec Retail is a universal solution for retail. Presentation

SAP Business One based UPITec Retail is a universal solution for retail. Presentation

24 February 2016

UPITec Retail is a versatile solution designed for small and medium-sized retail business by UPITec Software Ltd. which is a certified partner of SAP Business One.

Seamlessly integrating with SAP Business One interface, UPITec Retail perfectly complements SAP Business One functions, extending the existing functionality to the full retail software management, including POS.

The solution from UPITec Software Ltd.  includes Point of Sale management package  and the Supplement to SAP Business One to manage the entire chain as a whole.

The advantages of UPITec Retail for SAP Business One:

- POS is an easy-to-use intuitive sales tool, designed to work with SAP Business One, and includes many additional functionalities, which correspond with SAP Business One different modules.

-UPITec Retail Solution is a complete solution for retail business which combines complexity with ease of use and encompasses all the processes needed in retail including purchasing, accounting, inventory as well as all store POS operations, synchronization with online-store, reporting, employee analysis and complete store operations analysis.

-Full integration with SAP Business One interface makes it easier to work with the complement, thereby making the process of work in the Retail One system comfortable and intuitive.

- The system includes inventory planning and management of company logistics (deliveries, stocks, etc...) which extends possibilities to build successful, thriving business.

- Constant updates to the product and continuously developing modules to existing solutions  is an opportunity for our customers to expand their business, add new work branches without affecting an existing, working program infrastructure.

- Easy implementation of the solution: our solution is distributed internationally by partners who perform service and customer support in their regions and countries.

- Point-of-Sale operations are easily performed on special Point of Sale equipment as well as on PC, laptop or tablet due to the well-thought POS interface which can significantly save money on purchasing additional equipment for the store.

- A unique feature of our retail system is that it is installed directly on the SAP Business One server without the need for  additional servers which considerably reduces expenses of our customers.

 Our long-term experience of work in retail, professional technical support, which includes assistance in setting up and installation of Point of Sale, maintenance and program support after the implementation, permanent and mutually beneficial contact with partners and customers, help in personnel training, saves valuable time and resources of the company.

UPITec Software products are new powerful tools that provide our customers with significant competitive benefits and chances of survival on the vast and evolving world market, so UPITec is the best unique solution among all existing for retail.

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