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BDO Ukraine launches Retail Solution with UPITec Software Ltd

BDO Ukraine launches Retail Solution with UPITec Software Ltd

17 January 2018

BDO Ukraine signed cooperation agreement with UPITec Software Ltd. and launched UPITec Retail Solution.

BDO Ukraine signed cooperation agreement with UPITec Software Ltd. and started the campaign to promote UPITec Retail Add-on to SAP Business One ERP Platform.

Retail management module is fully integrated with SAP Business One as relating to all POS (point-of-sale) transactions, purchases, accounting, inventory management, reporting, analysis of the store personnel operations and the store operations in general.

UPITec Retail solution is a comprehensive retail solution providing the trading chains with on-line and accurate information about performance of the entire enterprise. It is ideal for restaurants, hotels, and stores.

Let us remind that BDO Ukraine is the only company in Ukraine possessing the localized SAP Business One Solution. The Company's specialists have adapted the system to meet the Ukrainian accounting and tax reporting standards and regulations.

BDO is the world's fifth global chain of audit and consulting companies with over 67k employees working in 158 countries. BDO Ukraine has been a member of the global BDO network since 1997 and provides Ukrainian customers with audit and consulting services, tax-specific and legal services, as well as consulting on management and IT, financial consulting, and sustainable development and evaluation services.

In May 2016, BDO Ukraine obtained the exclusive rights to distribute SAP software licenses and to provide a full range of services on implementation and training on SAP products with a special focus to SAP Business One.

Read the article on BDO Ukraine site (in Russian)

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British Food Retail Chain Korea Foods Implements an Israeli Company’s Solution Upitec Retail

British Food Retail Chain Korea Foods Implements an Israeli Company’s Solution Upitec Retail

27 January 2017

UPITec Software Ltd, an Israeli company, was chosen by the British food chain Korea Foods to computerize the chain's entire retail system to include sales point registers, logistics, pricing, consumer clubs, sales and more. The project spanned three months, during which a general designated retailing solution was implemented, including UPITec Retail – the module developed by UPITec Software Ltd. as an integrated add-on to SAP Business One.

UPITec Retail is a unique solution for computerizing the retail functions on SAP Business One, and has been tested and approved as a SAP Certified product.
UPITec Retail offers a wealth of reports to analyze retail activity in chain stores, including the registers and scales, thus turning these registers and scales into an integral part of the ERP system, without the need for interfacing with external registers.

UPITec Retail allows for optimization of the purchase and inventory management processes in an effort to reduce the significant costs related to storing the "dead" inventory, on one hand, and preventing the shortage of stock for sale, on the other hand. Any activity on the register is reported to the main system online. This is a massive advantage compared to older systems where there is usually a delay in transfer of data, adversely affecting the ability to respond immediately to various scenarios in the business’s activity.
In addition to the register management capability, the UPITec Retail system offers a long list of solutions to include a wide portfolio of reports, which are designated for the retail industry and based on UPITec's vast experience and understanding of the specific needs of retail chains.

Simon Lewis, VP Finance at Korea Foods: "The choice of UPITec to establish Korea Foods' new computer system was a result of the abilities offered by UPITec Retail and its suitability to retail chains in general, and the food industry particularly. Korea Foods is a retail chain handling a tremendous variety of items, a large customer base at our branches and over 3,000 business affiliates in the field of restaurants and catering. When testing various software solutions prior to making our decision, we realized that UPITec Retail, which turns the ERP system SAP Business One into a perfect solution for the retail world, as it has many capabilities, is easy to use, adaptable to our organization's needs – and is therefore optimal for us. Beyond the system's suitability, our choice was also affected by the vast knowledge and professionalism displayed by UPITec's staff in the field of retailing, and the optimal response they provide us for any existing or future challenge."

The system will be used in nine branches (two branches are soon to be opened) as well as the wholesale division, which is a large part of the business, and the logistics, marketing, and financial divisions.

According to Betzalel Mordachai, UPITec’s CEO:

"Korea Foods' need to manage all the company's divisions under the single computerized solution was a critical factor in choosing UPITec Retail as their solution. The wealth of solutions and ease of use will enable Korea Foods to continue their growth while providing high quality and efficient service to a variety of their branch customers. UPITec Retail on SAP Business ONE provides a precise response to the chain's requirements."

About Korea Foods

Korea Foods is a retail and wholesale food chain established in 1999, which has become Britain's largest importer of Asian foods. The chain's stores offers customers the largest variety of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai products. The company's main storage center is located in New Malden, England, with a distribution network spanning all over Britain's major cities. Korea Foods constantly invests in logistics in an attempt to offer its clients the finest service. The company aims to expand throughout the entirety of Europe.

About UPITec
UPITec was established in 2005, and is a SAP business partner, certified to develop software based on SAP Business One. UPITec employs 35 professionals that are highly proficient in the world of retail, with vast experience in development of products on SAP Business One.

UPITec Retail, developed by UPITec as an add-on to SAP Business One, is marketed and supported in Israel by UPITec Israel. It is also distributed and supported worldwide through our business affiliates. 

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UPITec at SAP Business One Innovation Summit 2016 in Barcelona

UPITec at SAP Business One Innovation Summit 2016 in Barcelona

26 April 2016

The SAP Business One Innovation Summit is a top-priority event for SAP Business One partners worldwide.
Every year, SAP is holding 3 such summits at 3 different locations. One of this year's summits was held in Barcelona, from 12 to 14 April.
UPITec Software Ltd. is happy to be an SSP sponsor at the Summit and to be a part of the great SAP B1 family.

Every year the SAP Business One Innovation Summit brings together SAP partners around the world in three different locations: Asia, EMEA and America.
This year, one of the three SAP Business One Innovation Summits was held in Barcelona, from 12 April 2016 to 14 April 2016.
The event attracted over 700 attendees and was a great success for all participants, including UPITec.

Barcelona SAP B1 Innovation Summit 2016 was the first international congress for UPITec Software Ltd. to take part in, and we are proud that our company was among the SSP sponsors in our very first global event. We were among those 30 SAP B1 partners who had their own demobooths and such sponsorship package at the congress. We decided to attend and participate in the SAP B1 Summit with a certain and very clear purpose – to showcase our company at a larger global level, expand our partner network and find new partners ready and willing to distribute and implement UPITec products at their local market, as our main goal is grow into a truly international company. At the event, UPITec presented its software solution focusing the retail chains, UPITec Retail. We described and showcased our solution, making an emphasis that it is a unique product, which builds up tailored vertical links between retail chains’ headquarters, warehouses and points of sales, thus adapting the SAP B1 for the retail domain. As previously mentioned, this event was a great success for all participants, including us. We came across many promising opportunities and got a very positive feedback from other SAP partners. We were impressed how many companies around the world know about UPITec, though we had not attempted to contact them before.  We established many relations with our colleagues from every point of the globe, which we believe will develop into a long and mutually beneficial cooperation in the future. Summing up, UPITec is very happy to be a part of the big SAP B1 family and will certainly take part in the following partner events held by SAP Business One.   Detailed information about SAP Business One Solution can be found on SAP Business One official web-page. Detailed information about UPITec Retail Solution can be found in the Library on our website.

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UPITec Pharmacy and UPITec Fashion based on SAP Business One were presented in Tashkent

UPITec Pharmacy and UPITec Fashion based on SAP Business One were presented in Tashkent

11 August 2015

One of the leaders on business software market SAP CIS together with the manufacturer of telecommunication equipment Huawei Technologies and domestic integrator Maorif Plus presented  applications based on SAP Business One in Tashkent.

SAP Business One provides a complete set of tools for financial management. The solution automates routine accounting tasks, such as processing of journal entries, support for tax calculations and implementation of transactions in multiple currencies. Seminar  "Business applications to automate small and medium-sized business based on SAP Business One» was held on May 19 at the Wyndham Hotel. Any willing representative of small and medium enterprises of various fields, such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, light industry, tourism, clothes, shoes, accessories stores, retail companies, could post an online application form for participation.

SAP Business One, designed specifically for small business enterprises,  was presented to more than a hundred participants of the seminar. It is an accessible complete solution for the management of the company, including finances, sales, customer relationships and operations. The system is implemented via SAP partners; It helps optimize all stages of operations, get instant access to information and stimulate growth of a company.

With the help of SAP Business One, you can carry out all banking operations, including processing bank statements and payments as well as reconciliations.

The speakers were:

Evgeny Matveev, SAP CIS, Head of SAP Business One & OEM, ISV strategic program coordinator

Christian Eks, SAP SE, Head of Unit SAP Business One in the MEE region

Vangelis Kanellopoulos, Alexander Moore, Managing Partner

Andrey Sosnihin, Huawei Technologies, Regional Director of Solutions

Semen Fishgang, Made4net, Business Development Manager

Olga Taystruk, UPITec, customer and partner relationship manager.

They told how to manage cash flow, track budget and compare actual values with the planned ones to instantly estimate the situation in the business. By integrating all the financial operations carried out in real-time with other business processes, such as purchases and sales, it is possible to speed up transactions and increase the visibility of cash flow. In addition, they explained how with the help of  SAP Business One it is possible to carry out all banking transactions, including processing bank statements and payments, and account reconciliation.

Finding new customers is an important component of success, but it is not less important to maintain good relationships with existing customers.

SAP Business One provides tools to effectively manage the entire process of marketing and long-term relationships with customers, from initial contact to selling operations, after-sales service and support. Integrated functions of SAP Business One provide complete visibility of potential and existing customers, thus, giving the opportunity to better understand and meet their needs.

The source kommersant.uz/articles/list-articles/v-tashkente-predstavleno-prilozhenie-na-baze-sap-business-on

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